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Robert J. Gulick comes from three generations of artists. His love and inspiration for photography started as a child when he joined a camera club in elementary school. Robert is an autodidact who followed his own path. His eye for seeing the smallest detail is a natural gift. You can see the finest structure in his subjects with his ability for using light. "I use my camera lenses as brushes and the light as my pallet."

Impassioned with nature Robert wanders through the country finding the perfect moment to capture the essence of his subject. His keen eye finds beauty and solitude in all corners of the natural world, which he captures in his photographs. "I want to roam the country, get lost for hours and forget everything except the beauty that surrounds me and to capture that moment. I just hope to have the strength to keep trekking with all my gear because I take everything with me. I never know what I am going to find. A delicate flower who found a sunbeam to warm it, or a rolling mountain top, or hiding below a lake sparkling in the moon light."

His love of beauty flows into his alluring portraits that captivate you. "As in nature I see the body as a landscape, full of little details that capture my curiosity."

As a professional photographer Robert J Gulick specializes in events such as: private parties, gallery openings, auctions, photographing art in galleries and catalogs, newspaper photos and commercial use. His artistic talents are expressed in many different channels, for example, web designer and origami.



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